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Trellick Tower

modern movement conservation

Golborne Road, North Kensington, London W10

This 31-storey residential slab block was the culmination of Ernö Goldfinger’s career. Built for the Greater London Council as part of the Cheltenham Estate in 1967-73, it was listed Grade 2* in 1998. James Dunnett worked forGoldfinger in his office in the tower, and has been involved subsequently in various ways. Initially he helped the then Chair of the Residents’ Association to restore the coloured-glass screen in the entrance hall, from which the coloured glass had been removed by Kensington and Chelsea Council, to whom ownership had passed. Subsequently he was commissioned by the Council to write two reports, one on the scope for architectural restoration of the ‘Tower’ and the other on the technical problem of finding a route for new gas mains, which he carried out in collaboration with the late services engineer Max Fordham. He has subsequently kept closely in touch with the various proposals which have emerged for altering or refurbishing the Tower and building on land in front of it. He has opposed the wholesale replacement of the original windows and has proposed the reconstruction of the demolished plinth structure in front of the tower for use as offices or studios.

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