Research by James Dunnett has concentrated on exploring the rationale behind the architecture of the twentieth century, especially the work of Le Corbusier and Erno Goldfinger, on their roots and relevance today, on their urban theory, and on the art of their period. The image identifying Research on the Home Page shows the entrance to the Communist Party of Great Britain headquarters in Covent Garden, London, designed by Erno Goldfinger in 1946 and demolished in the 1980s.

Le Corbusier and the City Without Streets Future cities: comtemplative or delirious?
The Architecture of Silence The Case for a New Capital City
Erno Goldfinger ‘To this Measure of Man’: Proportional design in the work of Erno Goldfinger
Docomomo-UK Questions of Assessment On the Sadness of Juan Gris
Dispersed Densification